AI-Powered Knowledge Management System Solution (KMS)

The knowledge management solution for business will make it easier, faster, and more accurate to access information and answers within the organization. Leverage data-driven knowledge management and discover desired answers with a smart AI-powered KM system.

  • A powerful Q&A system
  • Centralization of organizations knowledge
  • Searching for information can be done in less time

What is AI-Powered Knowledge Management Solution(KMS)?

AIGEN AI-Powered knowledge management system

AI-Powered Knowledge Management Solution is a solution for enterprise information management. Whether the source data is in document ,FAQ format, Q&A, csv format, or even scanned picture, Our knowledge management solution with aiScript is able to extract information from the document and store data in a systematic manner and prepare to find answers to questions in each related subject. Questions can come from any channels such as LINE, internal website pages, or Facebook Messenger with aiNLP capabilities which is able to aid in making searches based on the context of the question.

AI-Powered Knowledge Management systems can be used by organizations in a variety of ways, including

AI-Knowledge management for business

Document search system

A document search system is a component of the knowledge management system that is used instead of searching for information from traditional documents in which employees must access PDF files one by one which is such a waste of time. These tasks are becoming easier, more convenient, and faster as technology advances. AIGEN has created a document search system designed exclusively for modern company work processes. With AI technologies playing a significant role allows organizations to look for information in document files using keyword searches and answers. Also, answers can be highlighted automatically by the document search system.

Internal search engine system

By collecting data in a database together and creating a Search Engine system that is used within the organization, employees just enter in the information they want to know and the internal search system will swiftly and precisely present the information that is the relevant answer. This enables employees to easily and quickly access the information they require. It saves a lot of time searching for information. Moreover, it can be used by both customer service departments to find answers to consumer enquiries and HR departments to allow employees to search for information on their own.

Customer Self-Service system

Businesses can utilize the KM system to develop a customer self-service system on their website or connect to a chatbot so that clients can first seek information and solve some problems on their own. Reduces the problem of waiting time and impresses customers.


  • Find precise answers to questions based on the context of the question.
  • Import data semi-automatically with minimal human intervention.
  • Collect data in the same database.
  • Reduce the amount of time and employees needed to answer questions or search for information.
  • Improve the efficiency which information is accessed, searched for, and used in business.
  • Improve a company’s ability to handle large amounts of data.
  • Access and find answers from multiple channels (omni-channel) which can be used both within the organization and when answering customer questions that require assistance.

How to use

  1. Import data into the system (PDF, .csv file) which can be imported into the system in.csv format while the scanned PDF will be processed by OCR to read the text. (Coming soon: .doc, URL)
  2. AI GEN extracts and processes data from documents that are not in digital character format yet, as well as separates the text. Also, kept in a neatly organized manner so that data can be found when needed
  3. Employees with the authority to access and manage knowledge information are able to log in to double-check data accuracy. Also, users are able to add a topic or a picture of the answer. When in use, you can include keywords specific to each business.
  4. Individuals with the authority to access and manage knowledge information Log in to double-check the accuracy. As the user desires, add a topic or a picture of the answer. When using the system, users can add keywords which specific to their businesses.
  5. Users can search for answers from the words by typing questions via LINE, chatbot or internal search website page. The system will return the best answer based on the understanding of the language of AI and the algorithm for calculating relevance.
  6. If there are questions that the AI system cannot or does not correctly answer, the person with the right to access and manage knowledge data can check the results via real-time Dashboard. Also, can reintroduce that question into the system for AI to better answer.
  7. If there is a need to look for special messages such as the ID card numbers or people’s names, the system can be customized to automatically search for and take these messages to display or examine (can be customized)

Get started with our AI solution

Makes data management within the organization easier. All information is in one place, which is convenient and easy to find. Enhance the level of convenience and speed of service.

Reasons why companies should use AI-Powered Knowledge Management Solution (KMS)

AI-Powered KMS Solution enable business to streamline data management within the organization and keep information in a single location that is convenient and easy to find. Also, this solution can be applied for both enhancing external customer experience and impress employees with convenient and quick service. The following are the reasons why your company should select AI-Powered Knowledge Management System Solution.

Easy and simple data import

Whether a document is a FAQ, .csv file, or a full-page scanned document, can be processed by OCR(aiScript) within a minute.

Content Management System

Data managers can work from anywhere using a web application whether on premise or on cloud as well as a secure authentication system.

Support both Thai and English language

Support for both Thai and English language which can process at the same time

Single data management

Consolidate the organization’s knowledge in a single database which easily to access and make better use of the information.

API integration service

Easily integrate to organization’s systems through API services whether an existing chatbots or application in the customer service center which allows users to access services through omni-channels.

On cloud and On premise service support

Customers can select a service model that is suitable for their business requirements.

Enhance data security

AI GEN operates on a cloud which has been certified in accordance with the Information Security Standard (CSA Star Level 2, ISO27001, ISO27017, ISO27018). Because data security is our first priority.

AI Training

Continuously train AI models. There are specific usage models for each type of business to choose from. In addition, new obtained information can also be brought back to train more.

Talk with our experts

Our experts are available to provide advice on AI-Powered KMS Solution . Both in terms of functionality, system integration, price, and so forth.

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