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Highlight Features

High accuracy

Able to answer questions (Q&A) with high accuracy rate.

Question context understanding

With its language comprehension capability, aiNLP is stable against wrong typing words and choose to use similar words instead.

Support Thai and English language simultaneously

Able to use two languages ​​at the same time ex. mixed Thai and English language.

Fast processing

Data is stored in a ready-to-use format which facilitates searching in large databases. Therefore, aiNLP can be used in real-time in an interactive chatbot system.

Various capabilities

By training from millions of text, aiNLP can be further developed in numerous methods such as text summary, text category and sentiment analysis.

Application integration

Able to integrate with other messaging applications such as FB Messenger, Line or Slack. Make it easy for users to use these feature.

Let aiNLP gather knowledge for your business.

Increase the efficiency of knowledge management within the organization.
Make it easy to find and use the information. Enhance staff working process and customer experience.

Key Benefits

Enhance customer experience

Offer an impressive experience to customers with quick and real-time response. Also, be able to analyzes a messaging context and sentiment to accordingly respond to customers in specific situation.

Save time and cost

No need for employees to provide a repetitive answers to the same question over and over. aiNLP provides employees more time to focus on tasks that require creativity and create more value to customers.

Differentiate your business

By adopting technology to improve working process and enhance customer experience. Serve a customer needs in the digital age who seek for convenient and fast service.

Applicable to various types of services

aiNLP can be trained to specialize in other specific business as well such as law, education, IT support, insurance policy content, etc.

Responding to business needs in the data-driven era

Frequently asked questions can be collected as a business insights which are able to lead to further improvements in other aspects that are beneficial to the business.

Reduce space for document storage

Documents are stored in digital files. This can save a required storage space that can be used for other purposes.

The knowledge of the organization has not been lost

Because all information and knowledge are stored digitally. No need for company to worry about data loss when the employee resigns.

Enhance the security of data access

Decrease a chance of data leakage which is caused by employees who can access the data because aiNLP is able to assign permissions to only those who have the authorization can access to the data.

Our clients’ success story


Challenge : To help insurance agents answer customer questions accurately and quickly without making a call for details from a health expert or opening a powerpoint slide file to find answers and to increase an opportunity to close more sales.

Solution : With the capability of aiNLP – an intelligent AI for language processing, Muang Thai Life can support insurance agents’ selling process easily and quickly with the chatbot “Chompoo” with aiNLP as a key enabler. If insurance agents have a question which needs an instant answer, they are able to type and ask Chompoo via Line official account and Chompoo will provide the answer they want immediately. Whether it’s questions about policy terms, claims and other health services. This allows insurance agents to provide answers to customers accurately and quickly which creates a desirable experience for customers and increases the potential to close sales more.

Frequently Asked Question (FAQs)

1.Can aiNLP train AI to answer questions about company data?

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