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Starting from you can try our product for FREE! in this link ( and if you would like to purchase an additional package, feel free to contact our sales team to purchase an additional package.

You can try our product for FREE! in this link ( After finishing registration account process, you are ready to try our product. For aiScript, you can use it for free 300 requests/account (300 requests/month) or feel free to contact us for further information.

We are not required users to fill out credit card number. Just fill out some information required then you are ready to try our product and service for free.!

Each document follows a specific format as well as various details. As a result, the price details differ as well.

Our AI models are constantly being trained to support highly accurate results.

You can be assured your data is safe since AI GEN choose a cloud system that have certified for information security standard which are CSA Star Level 2,ISO 27001,ISO27017,ISO27018.

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Our sales team are willing to provide information about AI solution in terms of features, system integration, pricing and others. If you would like to know about our service price quickly, feel free to fill out additional form to inform our sales team in this link.

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