Highlight Features

Investment advice

Able to analyze large and complex data from a variety of sources and provide a tailored investment advice to investors.

Real-time market analysis

Able to process massive data such as news, prices, economic, political, geographic data as well as real-time analysis of the Thai stock market and global stock markets.

Systematic trading

With powerful AI-powered algorithms combined with advanced mathematical principles. As a result, aiAlpha+ has an ability to analyze and provide investment signals which are more efficient and systematic.

Automatically find the trade timing

aiAlpha+ can provide an advice about the time and quantity of trading appropriately. Increase the efficiency of managing expenses that may be caused from buying and selling transaction especially when investors buy and sell stocks in large volume.

Let aiAlpha+ make every investment worthwhile.

The investment assistant. Make every investment worthwhile with AI and experts analytics.

Key Benefits

High efficiency

The system can collect large and complex data. Also, able to analyze and processe in real-time.

Support for expansion

The system supports modifying and adding strategies easily. However, aiAlpha+ requires a small number of specialists to manage the system.


The system uses a scientific methodology to guide investment presentations. As a result, the designed strategy is consistent without making decisions based on human emotions and feelings.

Low cost

With automatic and semi-automatic work processes. The system can provide the investment advice at a lower cost than other conventional systems.

Adapt to the situation

Algorithm can be designed to meet the satisfaction of investors for maximum investment efficiency.

Real-time service

The system can provide service anytime and anywhere which is different from the old version service that serve only during business hours.

Talk with our experts

Our experts are available to provide advice on aiAlpha+. Both in terms of functionality, system integration, price, and so forth.

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