AI-Powered e-KYC Gateway Solution

An AI-driven and ready-to-use online identity verification system makes it simple to get to know your customers electronically. Create a positive experience and distinction for customers who come to use the service.

  • Ready to integrate with business website and application
  • High accuracy
  • Accredited to international standards
  • One-stop service (OCR & Face recognition)

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What is AI-Powered e-KYC Gateway Solution?

AI-Powered e-KYC Gateway solution is a ready-made online identity verification service which is available for businesses to connect to their website or application immediately via an URL. Businesses can run the system and send customers to do e-KYC at the AIGEN e-KYC Gateway page where the identity verification results will be sent back to businesses. This e-KYC process makes the user journey smooth. Then, users can go back to the business website or application immediately after completing the e-KYC process.

With AI-Powered e-KYC Gateway service, businesses can add authentication features to websites and applications without having to develop the system by themselves. Moreover, identity verification to access various services of the business can be done automatically where customers can verify their identity by themselves. It also saves application development time, enhances the level of security in various online transactions and impresses users with convenient, fast and high-security services.


  • Save application development time with ready-to-use AI-Powered e-KYC Gateway service
  • High accuracy and reduce identification errors.
  • Automatically verify customer identity
  • Reduce the amount of time and employees needed for customer onboarding process
  • Support a large volume of transactions properly
  • Prevent identity spoofing or fraud
  • Differentiate your business with convenient, fast and modern services.

How to use

  1. aiScript system retrieves data from the Thai ID card’s laser code. After that, aiScript will automatically check with the Department of Provincial Administration.
  2. aiScript system retrieves the customer’s photo from the front of the ID card for later comparison step. Other information can be extracted and used to pre-fill into the application form or used for review as well as can be used for the registration of back-end business system.
  3. aiFace‘s face comparison system can check and compare selfie photos and ID card images with 99 percent accuracy. aiFace’s API can be used as a photo authentication system to prevent identity forgery to ensure that someone who is in front of the camera is not another person’s photograph or video that has been printed or displayed on a mobile phone. (Required for medium-risk transactions)

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Increase the efficiency of identification and verification. Accelerate the working process by providing more convenient and fast services.

Reasons why companies should use AI-Powered e-KYC Solution

AI-Powered e-KYC Solution helps business to improve person’s identification and verification efficiency and reduce identification errors. Moreover, this solution allows business to streamline working process to be more faster and and saves time in providing customer service. Also, enhance customer experience with convenient and fast-responding service. The following are the reasons why your company should select AI GEN’s AI-Powered e-KYC Solution.

High accuracy

Our AI systems have been trained to read over a million different types of documents and train the AI system to recognize over a million ordinary people’s and Asians’ faces. As a result, the document and face processing are highly accurate.

International standards certification

Accredited with international standards from the National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST) in the United States, as well as Electronic Transactions Development Agency (ETDA) standards for biometrics that are especially accurate for Asian faces.

One-stop service

Combine two services into one. Support for processing various types of documents and the ability to specify and quickly verify the face.

Support both Thai and English language

Supports document processing in both Thai and English, as well as the ability to read handwriting.

API integration service

Able to integrate to company system through our API service and ensure that your data is not collected in our system.

On cloud and On premise service support

Customers can select a service model that is suitable for their business requirements.

Enhance data security

AI GEN operates on a cloud which has been certified in accordance with the Information Security Standard (CSA Star Level 2, ISO27001, ISO27017, ISO27018). Because data security is our first priority.

AI Training

Continuously train AI models with specific types of business documents and various faces to meet the needs of document processing in various types of businesses, as well as detecting a variety of faces.

Our clients’ success story

petcharee goldshop

Challenge : Petcharee gold shop would like to expand more gold trading channels to online channels. To meet customer demand in the digital era and comply with anti-money laundering laws as well as providing more convenience to their customers, Petcharee gold shop has been looking for a face authentication solution by comparing to a selfie photo with a photo on the ID card to verify customer identity easily, quickly and accurately as well as to ensure that the buyer and seller is the same person as the information provided in the ID card.

Solution : To ensure that the gold buyer and seller are the same person as the information in the ID card for Petcharee gold shop. AI-Powered e-KYC solution has made it possible to provide automatic and accurate face authentication solution for gold trading on website which enables a desirable experience for customers who come to use the service and also reduces the manual trading process. This solution allows customers of Petcharee gold shop to buy and sell gold from anywhere and at any time.

Challenge :  JUSTFIN was searching for an online identity verification solution that would allow consumers wishing to buy a used car to prove their identification from anywhere and at any time, without having to go to their office to submit papers as well as identification verification.

Solution : AI-Powered e-KYC from AIGEN is an excellent option for JUSTFIN’s requirements. Allowing JUSTFIN’s customer verification process to be more automated, customers just take a photo of their ID card and take a selfie photo of themselves. Then, e-KYC system will retrieve the necessary information from the ID card and compare the photo on the ID card to the selfie photo to confirm that it is the same person. This solution properly helps JUSTFIN to facilitate and improve the security level of used automobile trade transactions.

Frequently Asked Question (FAQs)

1.Can AIGEN’s e-KYC system verify ID cards by connecting to the information of the Department of Provincial Administration?

2.In the case that the customer uses the e-KYC service and scans the face many times, does AIGEN’s system have any kind of backup process?

3.What format is the e-KYC application? It is an engine provided as a plugin for business applications or must it be an application of all AIGEN?

4.In the case that authentication does not pass a dip chip, is it still not considered that authentication has passed the authentication criteria?

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