AI-Powered OCR Solution

Elevate business data entry to be done automatically, accurately, and quickly with our AI-OCR service, well responding to business needs in the data-driven era.

  • Create data-entry workflow by yourself
  • Classify text and document types automatically
  • Support more than 20 document types for both Thai and English

What is AI-Powered OCR Solution for business ?

AI-Powered OCR Solution is an AI solution that allow businesses to automatically process and extract information from various types of documents. Whether it’s an ID card, an invoice, a receipt, a bank book, various insurance claim documents, and so on, which are stored in a variety of formats ex. scanned documents, images, PDF files, etc. and can be automatically saved in the organization’s system. Improve the speed, accuracy, and automation of business data entry processes and increase the company’s capability as well.

AIGEN has created aiScript, an excellent AI-Powered OCR service. Moreover, unlike other OCR programs, AI technology has been introduced to improve the accuracy, comprehensiveness, and efficiency of OCR operations which enables data retrieval and processing from both fixed-format documents such as ID cards, driver’s licenses, and bank statements, as well as non-fixed documents such as receipts and invoices. The elimination of the need to create a document template in advance saves time and significantly reduces work processes. This includes the ability to automatically classify the type of text and document. Additionally, businesses can use AIGEN’s system to create their own data-entry workflow. Furthermore, the AI model for each type of document is constantly updated to ensure that businesses get the best AI-OCR results.

Support more than 20 document types

  • ID card
  • Driver license
  • Bank book
  • Invoice and Receipt
  • Hospital invoice
  • Shipping invoice
  • Car registration book
  • Pay slip
  • Bank statement
  • NCB Document
  • House registration
  • Death certificate
  • Insurance claim
  • Application form
  • Car insurance policy
  • Contracts and legal documents
  • Utility bill (Electricity bill, Water bill, Phone bill, Internet bill and others)
  • Input Tax & Output Tax (P.P. 30)
  • Non–Resident Withholding Tax Certificate
  • Parcel label
  • Other documents ex. Business-specific documents (Able to customize AI models to process business-specific documents as well)


  • High accuracy and reduce human errors.
  • Automate business data-entry processes
  • Elevate customer onboarding process
  • Save time and the number of employees for inputting and checking the data.
  • Increase productivity for accessing, searching and utilizing the data.
  • Meet the demands of business in the data-driven era
  • Enhance data security level.

How to use

  1. Upload a document or picture into the system. (Format : PDF,PNG,JPG,TIFF)
  2. AIGEN system processes and extract data.
  3. Data is stored in specified database for future use.

Get started with our AI-Power OCR solution

Making the business’s data-entry process automatic, saving time and resources. Meet the demand of business in the new era.

Reasons why companies should use AI-Power OCR Solution

AI-Powered OCR Solution for business from AIGEN helps to increase document management productivity in each department in the company which leads to shorten the working process and saving more time. As a result, employees have more time to focus more on tasks that require creativity and generate more revenue for the company. The reasons why your business should consider AI-Powered OCR Solution from AIGEN are.

High accuracy

Train AI model to process a million of documents in many document formats.

Support a various types of document

Support many document types for both documents that have certain forms ex.ID card, driving license, book bank and uncertain forms ex. invoice.

Support for both Thai & English documents

Support for both Thai and English documents including handwritten documents.

Support document limitation

Able to process and extract data even the document is tilt, rotation and flip.

API integration service

Able to integrate to company system through our API service and ensure that your data is not collected in our system.

On cloud and On premise service support

Choose a service matching to your business requirement.

Enhance data security

AI GEN operates on a cloud which has been certified in accordance with the Information Security Standard (CSA Star Level 2, ISO27001, ISO27017, ISO27018). Because data security is our first priority.

AI Training

Train AI model continuously with specific document formats in each business. To ensure that we can deliver the best results to our customers.

Our clients’ success story

Challenge : Muang Thai Life Assurance would like to upgrade the insurance claim service to be more convenient and faster. In the past, the process of making an insurance claim required staff to key in information from documents such as ID cards, house registrations, hospital receipts into the system which caused time-consuming for this process. Also, it takes a longer period time for customers to receive money from insurance claims.

Solution : With the capability of AI-Powered OCR, Muang Thai Life Assurance has greatly reduced the time which is required to key in information in their system. By applying the latest AI technology to automatically extract information from various types of document images, Muang Thai Life Assurance is able to substantially reduce the process of requiring staff to enter data and impress customers with a quick claim process which is responding to business needs in the digital era.

Challenge : Khun Thanu is developing the system and looking for OCR API service to read and process the car registration book. By using OCR API service, system development can be done conveniently and more quickly.

Solution : AI-Powered OCR, AI-Powered OCR service from AIGEN, has a ready-to-use OCR API for vehicle registration documents and other documents for software developers. Thus, Khun Thanu has registered to use AIGEN’s web portal and is impressed with product performance which is able to meet his system development demand. By implementing AI-Powered OCR OCR API, Khun Thanu can reduce time for system development.

Frequently Asked Question (FAQs)

1.If invoices have many types, do we need?

2.When exporting data, can aiScript set more output files than in the DEMO?

3.How many languages ​​does AIGEN’s AI-OCR service support? and how accurate is it?

4.How many output formats are available from OCR?

5.Can aiScript process multiple document files at the same time and can OCR output data in the same file?

6.Can aiScript process multi-page documents, e.g. multi-page invoice, multi-page bank statement?

7.Can aiScript read documents sent upside down and tilted?

8.Can excel file results output in horizontal column? Since when using in the web portal, it comes out vertical.

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