AIGEN recognizes the importance of adopting technology for maximize business capabilities especially for AI technology which plays an important role for doing business in the present.

AI can help business to reduce working time and increase business productivity. Most importantly, AI is not aimed to replace human but aimed to help human to reduce repetitive task and transform working process to be automatic also employees has more time to focus on a creative work.

This is why AIGEN has been established. AIGEN has a mission to innovate an AI solution for help business doing better and grow more.

Who we are

AIGEN has been established on 20 September 2019 with the mission to make AI accessible to all business in Thailand to increase competitive advantage and business capabilities in digital era. Through our products which are invented by AI expertise, aiScript is AI for document processing, aiFace is AI for face verification, aiNLP is AI for text processing, aiKMS is AI for knowledge management system for business and aiSurvey is AI for free-text survey analytic automation.


AI GEN is ready to make AI technology accessible to all kind of business and be a part of enhancing business capabilities to business nationwide in order to make Thai business stepping to international level by having AI technology as an important backbone.


Offer and deliver the best class AI-one stop service solution for each business to make our customers, partners and stakeholders succeed.

Our Team


Dr.Pamornpol Jinachitra

Expertise in AI/ML and 10+ years experience in tech and startups CA and BKK.


Dr.Pongsathorn Ingpochai

10+ years in insurance industry with background in engineering and finance.

(Executive Consultant)

Assoc. Prof. Dr.Charturong Tantibundhit

Expert in AI/ML with multiple international awards and domestic recognition guaranteed.

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