Industry Overview

To serve people quickly and save time in the staff’s work by implementing AI technology in the service delivery process, make it easier for government agencies to work quickly and reduces the number of documents that must be managed as well as reduces a working process. Therefore, AI technology provides government staffs more time to serve people in other areas.

Recommended solution

AI-Powered OCR Solution

Automate document extraction with intelligent AI, process documents quickly and accurately and save time and save cost for your business.

AI-Powered Face Recognition Solution

Identifying people’s faces can be done automatically with an intelligent AI system. Identity verification is made simple, quick, and secure for both users and businesses.

AI-Powered e-KYC Solution

Use an intelligent AI to simply to get to know your customers electronically.

Use case for government sector

Government service registration

  • E-Document: Apply an AI-Powered OCR Solution to extract information from required documents such as ID card, house registration to save time for staffs to input data from documents which allow staff to work more quickly and be able to provide quick response service to citizens.

Government information service

  • Chatbot : To answer citizen’s questions in real time for 24 hours a day. Reduce citizen’s waiting time. Therefore, citizens are able to receive services immediately. Also, save the government’s cost from having to use a lot of staff to answer citizen calls.

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