Industry Overview

To meet the needs of digital-age customers who require speed and convenience when using the service. As a result, businesses must adapt to changing consumer behavior. Technology, like the insurance industry itself, is increasingly being used to help customers complete various transactions. Specifically, the introduction of AI technology to aid in increasing work efficiency and speed. The primary goals are to enhance the level of customer experience, reduce costs within the organization and increase the business’s competitiveness in the long run.

Recommended solution

AI-Powered OCR Solution

Automate document extraction with intelligent AI, process documents quickly and accurately and save time and save cost for your business.

AI-Powered Face Recognition Solution

Identifying people’s faces can be done automatically with an intelligent AI system. Identity verification is made simple, quick, and secure for both users and businesses.

AI-Powered Chatbot Solution

Improve customer service by providing an exceptional level of service 24 hours and respond to customer questions as talking to a human-like.

Use cases for insurance business

Product offering

  • On-the-spot screening of insurance products that are appropriate for each customer. Therefore, company is able to increase an opportunity to close more sales.
  • Customers can use an application to fill out an application form and the AI-Powered OCR Solution system to manage and extract information from documents such as ID cards, bank books, and others.
  • Manage data extraction from requested documents: Use an AI-Powered OCR Solution to assist with data extraction from documents. Reduce the amount of time employees must spend typing data in the document into the system. As a result, the company is able to approve the insurance more quickly.

Insurance consideration

  • Implement an AI-Powered OCR Solution to manage data extraction from customer-submitted documents. Whether it is a record of treatment history and health and check results in the event that customers apply for products with health coverage. Then, send data directly into the system so that a system can analyze the data. This will shorten the time that company has to use for considering insurance and expedite the process of policy’s issuance. Also, be able to enhance the level of customer satisfaction.

Claims consideration

  • Reduce the amount of time and specialized employees needed to settle claims: Data can be extracted from documents such as accident reports, medical reports, medical certificates and more by implementing the AI-Powered OCR Solution . Receipts from the hospital, for example, will be entered into the system for further claim evaluation. This significantly reduces the amount of time required to process claims and assist a company in providing a favorable impression on customers.

After-sales service

  • Use AI-Powered Chatbot to answer customer questions in real time for 24 hours a day: Reduce the amount of time customers must wait. Customers are served right away. Also, save cost for a company by eliminating the need for a large number of employees to answer customer calls.

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Our clients’ success story

Challenge & Solution

Challenge : Muang Thai Life Assurance would like to upgrade the insurance claim service to be more convenient and more quickly. In the past, the process of making an insurance claim required staff to key in information from documents such as ID cards, house registrations, hospital receipts into the system, causing wasted time. And it takes longer for customers to receive money from insurance claims.

Solution : With the capability of AI-Powered OCR Solution, Muang Thai Life Assurance has greatly reduced the time required to fill out this section. By applying the latest AI technology to automatically extract information from various types of document images causing to reduce the process of requiring staff to enter data and impress your customers with a quick claim process which is responding to business needs in the digital era.

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