The number of trained faces


The number of processed faces

1 Sec

Face scanning timing

Highlight Features

High accuracy

Train the AI ​​system to detect the various of faces : single face and multi-faces. Also, certified by NIST global standard test bench and satisfied ETDA standard for biometric part with special accuracy boost for Asian faces.

Automatically identify person

By using AI and machine learning systems. There is less chance of error compared to systems that require manpower and support a large number of transactions at the same time.

Detect both single face and many faces

With aiFace’s capability, a variety of faces can be detected. Robust to pose and movement and mask detection.

Able to process faces within a second

With the outstanding performance of aiFace, Faces can be compared and detected as quickly as second. It is suitable to business that woud like to serve customers in real time through various channels.

Liveness detection support

Cannot fool the system with others’ photos or printed images.

Able to compare the photograph with the image on the ID card

Able to compare personal photos with the ID cards photo accurately and quickly.

Let aiFace make face recognition convenient and safe.

Enhance the security of your business transactions with convenient and fast service to enhance customer experience.

Key Benefits

Enhance the security of transactions

With an automated system, no one can steal an individual’s facial features. Make transactions more secure.

Enhance customer experience

Customers can onboard the business service more quickly and convenient by verifying their identity by themselves through the website or applications.

Save time and cost

No more manpower for verifying customer’s identity. aiFace lets employees have more time to focus on their important tasks.

Differentiate your business

By bringing technology to improve working process and enhance customer experience. Serve a customer needs in the digital age who seek for convenient and fast service.

Applicable to various types of business

Not only for finance, banking or insurance businesses but also other businesses can use aiFace as well.

Easily integrate to organization’s systems

Integrate through API service or AIGEN’s web portal.

Reduce authentication errors

Previously, employees had to use personal judgment in making decisions about identity verification which may cause an error. But by adopting this technology can be automated in seconds with high accuracy.

Fully automated

Able to support the expansion of business with increased number of transactions due to the use of machine learning technology in all operations which able to fully automated process the information quickly and accurately.

Our clients’ success story

petcharee goldshop

Challenge : Petcharee gold shop would like to expand more gold trading channels to online channels. To meet customer demand in the digital era and comply with anti-money laundering laws as well as providing more convenience to their customers, Petcharee gold shop has been looking for a face authentication solution by comparing to a selfie photo with a photo on the ID card to verify customer identity easily, quickly and accurately as well as to ensure that the buyer and seller is the same person as the information provided in the ID card.

Solution : To ensure that the gold buyer and seller are the same person as the information in the ID card for Petcharee gold shop. aiFace has made it possible to provide automatic and accurate face authentication solution for gold trading on website which enables a desirable experience for customers who come to use the service and also reduces the manual trading process. This solution allows customers of Petcharee gold shop to buy and sell gold from anywhere and at any time.

Challenge :  JUSTFIN was searching for an online identity verification solution that would allow consumers wishing to buy a used car to prove their identification from anywhere and at any time, without having to go to their office to submit papers as well as identification verification.

Solution : aiFace is an excellent option for Justcar’s requirements. Allowing JUSTFIN’s customer verification process to be more automated, customers just take a photo of their ID card and take a selfie photo of themselves. Then, aiFace system will retrieve the necessary information from the ID card and compare the photo on the ID card to the selfie photo to confirm that it is the same person. This solution properly helps JUSTFIN to facilitate and improve the security level of used automobile trade transactions.

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