Industry Overview

To improve working process efficiency and reduce workload for employees who must complete repetitive forms such as paperwork in order to free up time for employees to work on creative projects as well as jobs that generate revenue for the organization, AI solutions have come into play by providing quick and accurate results. Also, be an ideal for assisting businesses dealing with large amounts of data today.

Recommended solution

AI-Powered OCR Solution

Automate document extraction with intelligent AI, process documents quickly and accurately and save time and save cost for your business.

AI-Powered Face Recognition Solution

Identifying people’s faces can be done automatically with an intelligent AI system. Identity verification is made simple, quick, and secure for both users and businesses.

AI-Powered Knowledge Management Solution (KMS)

Make finding information and answers Find information and answers within the organization will be more simple, quick, and accurate by applying a knowledge management system based on data and an intelligent AI system.

Use cases for other business

In-house document management

  • E-Document: Save time filling out information from various types of documents within the organization by applying in an AI-Powered OCR Solution to extract information from documents. Therefore, allow employees to work quickly and have more time to devote to creative tasks. Moreover, various document files such as spreadsheets are stored in digital format which helps company saving storage space. Also, enhance data security by requiring people with authorization to have access to documents.

Employee attendance monitoring

  • Face scanning before entering to the office : To reduce an contact exposure, applying an AI-Powered Face Recognition Solution to monitor employee attendance is becoming increasingly popular. Moreover, enhance the level of office’s security to prevent external offenders coming to office.

Corporate knowledge management

  • Organize company knowledge in a central location by gathering knowledge in various formats such as paper or digital files which can be made simply by applying the AI-Powered Knowledge Management to aid in providing answers for employees within the organization and responding to customer inquiries.

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