Highlight Features

Multi-channel questionnaires support

aiSurvey has been designed to accept questionnaires from a variety of channels, including Google Forms, Microsoft Forms, Slack, and Line. Also, be able to automatically extract, categorize data to display insight automatically.

Analyze and categorize free-text data automatically

Using NLP technology in language processing for both Thai and English enables the processing of free-text data from questionnaires precisely. Then, our system will organize specific categories quickly and automatically.

Data collection workflow automation support

Businesses are able to define workflow to automatically collect data from questionnaires by configuring the system to collect data from required channels so that the system can analyze the data in real time.

Real-time analytic dashboard

aiSurvey will analyze and classify questionnaire data collected from various channels to turn data into business insight with real-time dashboard.

DIY for AI model training

Businesses can train AI models for new specific topics that currently do not have a supported AI model by themselves with easy-to-use AI model training tools.

Sentiment analysis support

Based on the free-text questionnaire, aiSurvey can analyze respondents’ feelings and indicate whether they feel positive, negative, or neutral.

Let aiSurvey help you automate data and topic classification from questionnaires.

Turn feedback to insights and turn insights to strategy in real-time with an intelligent AI technology to analyze the free-text data in the questionnaire accurately and automatically.

Key Benefits

How does “aiSurvey” data analytic and categorizing data assistants benefit businesses?

Enhance employees and customers satisfaction

The real-time dashboard allows businesses to recognize customer and employee feedback at a glance and use that information to make timely important business decisions. This leads to lower customer complaint rate and lower employee turnover rate. More importantly, improve overall customer satisfaction both inside and outside of the organization.

Turn feedback to insights

Businesses can turn customer or employee feedback into insights that are practical for improving business processes. Enable businesses to develop and improve in various fields to respond to the needs of customers or employees better.

Turn insight to strategy

aiSurvey enables businesses to gain real-time insights into various aspects in order to adjust business strategies in response to changing customer behavior and the rapidly changing business environment.

Time-saving for summarizing data

Requiring staff to summarize data could take weeks or a month in the past, but with aiSurvey, businesses can get the information they need from surveys which can be completed in minutes. Enable businesses to save time and human resources multiple times.

Responding to business needs in the data-driven era

In today’s data-driven business world, using data from questionnaires that has never been collected before and analyzing it to gain insights leads to the increasing business competitive advantage and improving the accuracy of business decisions.

System integration

Able to integrate with questionnaires in various channels. Also, connect the system via API service or AI GEN’s Web portal.

Reduce bias in data analysis

aiSurvey applys AI system to analyze and categorize all data which allows businesses to obtain accurate information while also ensuring that it is free of bias from those involved.

Enhance business efficiency

Enable the process of summarizing survey data in real time and automatic, allowing business to make more accurate and timely decisions.

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