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aiScript is a Thai AI-OCR software created by a top-tier Thai AI company. An AI-powered document processing smart assistant for Thai business assists with image-to-text conversion which is simple to convert images, papers, document files, or handwriting into text.

For example, using AI-powered OCR document processing solution for scanning ID cards, invoices, receipts, insurance claims, death certificates, bank statements, and other documents under rapid and accurate automatic conversion which is ultimately appropriate for use in digital-age enterprises.

aiScript includes extra document processing features.

AIGEN’s aiScript solution, a step beyond a traditional OCR technology with comprehensive functionality, may help you develop efficient data-entry systems in your organization. Allows you to manage complex data-entry procedures in detail, more quickly and easily. With an AI-driven solution, aiScript is able to support reading a variety of document types for both Thai and English including Thai numbers, Arabic numbers and various symbols precisely whether in the form of handwritten letters or printing.


aiScript can precisely scan ID cards and extract the relevant information. Whether it’s a name-surname,ID card number, address, date of birth, or reading the signature on the ID card and signing over documents, the information can be used in a variety of ways. Whether it is organization registration, subscriptions, or identification verification via an ID card.

OCR Receipt

To improve the efficiency of accounting procedures, aiScript solution can be utilized to read receipts. Receipt OCR extracts information from receipts such as buyer, seller, purchase date, item list, and price. Also can automatically populate tables with data.

OCR Invoice

To process invoices, an AI-Powered OCR solution like aiScript can be utilized. There is no need for a predefined invoice format which also can extract data for automatic data-entry into a table. This results in increasing the convenience and efficiency of accounting even more.

OCR Handwriting

aiScript can read texts in a variety of languages and various document types, as well as OCR, which reliably reads handwritten documents. Whether it’s a pen-and-paper document or a variety of note-taking documents, they can all be easily converted to text format.

Highlight Features

create data-entry workflow
Data-entry workflow automation

Extend the operation of the AI-OCR system by creating your own data-entry workflow via AIGEN’s Web Portal. You may also customize your own business workflow based on the applicability of the business logic.

Table extraction support
Table extraction

Without the need to develop templates in advance, the AI intelligent document processing system employed in aiScript can rapidly extract data from documents in the form of tables into tables. Meet the demands of enterprises that require convenience, speed, and automation.

document classification
Document classification

aiScript is able to examine and classify the sorts of documents that are uploaded into the system to ensure that the workflow runs properly and automatically.

thai and english document support
Thai and English document support

aiScript solution is an AI-OCR service that can read documents in both Thai and English including Thai numbers and handwritten characters.

support various type of documents
Various type of document support

The AI intelligent document processing system utilized in aiScript can process a variety of documents, including fixed-format documents like ID cards and driver’s licenses, as well as multi-formatted, non-fixed documents like invoices, as well as receipts and other documentation.

Automate data-entry process

Increase the efficiency of document management in each area of the organization. Make the work process go considerably faster and employees save time at work by using AI-OCR technology to improve employee productivity with AI document processing.

Let aiScript help you automate data entry

Increase the efficiency of document management in each department of the organization. Make the working process faster and save time.

Key Benefits

99% High accuracy

Training AI to read millions of document types and read a million characters.

Easily connect to each organization’s systems

Connect the system via API service or AI GEN’s Web portal.

Responding to business needs in the data-driven era

aiScript can take the data that has never been collected from images to analyze in order to gain a business insights and make a business decisions more accurately.

10X Time-saving

Compared with using manpower to fill out the information, using AI-Powered to extract the information from documents is more faster and less time-consuming.

Reduce space for document storage

All the data is stored in digital files. This can save more storage that can be used in other way.

Enhance customer satisfaction

Enhance customers’ experience by offering a fast service. Because all the information is stored in the system, so employees are able to find information they want in a real-time.

Enhance the security of data access

Decrease a chance of data leakage which is caused by employees who can access the data because aiScript can be assigned permissions to only those who have an authorization can access to the data.

Reduce costs for the organization

Decrease tedious works for employees. Therefore, they are able to focus more on tasks that generate revenue for the company.

Supported document types

Our clients’ success story

Challenge : Muang Thai Life Assurance would like to upgrade the insurance claim service to be more convenient and faster. In the past, the process of making an insurance claim required staff to key in information from documents such as ID cards, house registrations, hospital receipts into the system which caused time-consuming for this process. Also, it takes a longer period time for customers to receive money from insurance claims.

Solution : With the capability of aiScript, Muang Thai Life Assurance has greatly reduced the time which is required to key in information in their system. By applying the latest AI technology to automatically extract information from various types of document images, Muang Thai Life Assurance is able to substantially reduce the process of requiring staff to enter data and impress customers with a quick claim process which is responding to business needs in the digital era.

Challenge : Khun Thanu is developing the system and looking for OCR API service to read and process the car registration book. By using OCR API service, system development can be done conveniently and more quickly.

Solution : aiScript, AI-Powered OCR service from AIGEN, has a ready-to-use OCR API for vehicle registration documents and other documents for software developers. Thus, Khun Thanu has registered to use AIGEN’s web portal and is impressed with product performance which is able to meet his system development demand. By implementing aiScript OCR API, Khun Thanu can reduce time for system development.

Frequently Asked Question (FAQs)

1.If invoices have many types, do we need to create a template to support each invoice type?

2.When exporting data, can aiScript set more output files than in the DEMO?

3.How many languages ​​does AIGEN’s AI-OCR service support? and how accurate is it?

4.How many output formats are available from OCR?

5.Can aiScript process multiple document files at the same time and can OCR output data in the same file?

6.Can aiScript process multi-page documents, e.g. multi-page invoice, multi-page bank statement?

7.Can aiScript read documents sent upside down and tilted?

8.Can excel file results output in horizontal column? Since when using in the web portal, it comes out vertical.

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