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To improve the efficiency of the manufacturing process ,besides the production process which have an impact on a production process, the documents related to the production and the information that is fed into the manufacturing process also have an impact on the accuracy as well as production efficiency. If production-related documents are managed in a systematic manner, it will help to expedite the working process with more precise data.

Recommended solution

AI-Powered OCR Solution

Automate document extraction with intelligent AI, process documents quickly and accurately and save time and save cost for your business.

AI-Powered Face Recognition Solution

Identifying people’s faces can be done automatically with an intelligent AI system. Identity verification is made simple, quick, and secure for both users and businesses.

AI-Powered Knowledge Management Solution (KMS)

Find information and answer in the organization to be more simple, quick, and accurate by applying a knowledge management system which is based on data and able to search for answers with an intelligent AI system.

Use cases for manufacturing business

Automated production order management

  • E-Document: By introducing an AI-Powered OCR Solution to extract data from production orders, a company save time when filling out bulk production orders into the production system or other pertinent documents allowing production staff to work more quickly and devote more time to overseeing the manufacturing process.

Improved security of access to the production line

  • Identification and verification for production line employees: using the AI-Powered Face Recognition to identify employees by using their faces, allowing them to screen only those who are involved in the production line.

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