Industry Overview

To meet the needs of digital-age customers who require speed and convenience when using services. As a result, businesses must adjust to changing consumer preferences. Banks and financial institutions are increasingly incorporating technology into their operations to assist customers with a variety of transactions. The introduction of AI technology, in particular, is to aid in increasing work efficiency and speed. The primary goal are to provide better service to customers and reduce organizational costs while increasing the company’s long-term competitiveness.

Recommended solution

AI-Powered OCR Solution

Automate document extraction with intelligent AI, process documents quickly and accurately and save time and save cost for your business.

AI-Powered Face Recognition Solution

Identifying people’s faces can be done automatically with an intelligent AI system. Identity verification is made simple, quick, and secure for both users and businesses.

AI-Powered e-KYC Solution

Use intelligent AI to simply to get to know your customers electronically.

Use cases for financial & banking business

Getting to know customers

  • Identification and verification: Customers can apply for financial institution services through company’s website and application that customers can specify and verify their identity through the AI-Powered e-KYC Solution system without the need for customers to contact with employees. Save time and impress customers for using company’s service.

Product offering

  • Product screening enables employees to make on-the-spot recommendations for the best financial products for each customer. Increase more opportunity to increase sales.
  • Customers are able to use the application to fill out an application form and use the AI-Powered OCR Solution system to manage and extract information from documents such as ID cards, bank books and others.
  • Manage data extraction from requested documents: Use an AI-Powered OCR Solution to assist with data extraction from documents. Reduce the amount of time employees must spend typing a data in documents into the system. As a result, the company can approve requests more quickly.

Loan approval

  • Quickly review documents: Implement an AI-Powered OCR Solution to manage and extract information from customer-submitted documents. Whether it is a salary slip, ID card, house registration, etc., and send data directly into the system so that the system can further analyze the data. This will shorten the time required for credit approval approval and also enhance the level of customer satisfaction.

After-sales service

  • AI-Powered Chatbot : Use chatbots to answer customer questions in real time for 24 hours a day. Reduce the amount of time customers must wait. Customers are served right away. Also, save cost by eliminating the need for a large number of employees to answer customer calls.

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